BATS Next Gen Safeguarding Children/Young Persons Policy

Statement of Intent

All children and young people have an absolute right to be safe from harm. We will take all necessary steps to ensure that everyone in our care is enabled to be emotionally and physically safe.  This policy is to ensure that all BNG volunteers/chaperones are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding the children and young persons, and the procedures that should be followed should there be any concern or allegation.



  • Create a safe and healthy environment, avoiding one-to-one BNG volunteer/child or young person situations where abuse or allegations of abuse may occur.
  • Adopt best practice to safeguard and protect children/young people from abuse and BNG volunteers/chaperones from false allegations.
  • Ensure that all BNG volunteers/chaperones receive training/information to recognise the potential signs and indicators of abuse.
  • Respond sensitively and seriously to any child/young person who discloses information about abuse, regardless of whom the alleged perpetrator may be and be confident and able to take appropriate action swiftly.
  • Ensure every effort is made to ensure that confidentiality is maintained for all concerned and that information should be handled and disseminated on a need to know basis only, i.e. BNG Child Protection Officer, Social Services and/or Police.

Responding to Concerns or Allegations

It is important that all volunteers/chaperones are aware that the first person that has concerns regarding suspected abuse or to whom alleged abuse is disclosed is NOT responsible for deciding whether or not abuse has occurred.  However, all volunteers/chaperones DO have a duty of care to the child/young person to report any suspicions you may have.

It is not your job to judge or investigate, but to inform.

The Child Protection officer for BNG is:

Marie White                         Mobile – 07791 118856


The designation person above is responsible for dealing with all allegations or concerns about the protection of children/young people in our care, holds the contact numbers for Social Services and the Police and should be contacted in the first instance should concerns or allegations arise.



  • Appear shocked, horrified, disgusted or angry.
  • Ask too many questions or press for details or put words into their mouth (it is not your duty to investigate).
  • Make comments or judgement other than to show concern.
  • Do not promise confidentiality
  • Confront the abuser.

Response procedure to an Allegation from a child/young person:

  • Stay calm and listen carefully to what is said.
  • DO NOT promise to keep secrets – explain at earliest opportunity that it is likely that this information will need to be shared with others.
  • Allow the child/young person to continue at their own pace.
  • Ask questions for clarification only – never leading questions that may suggest a particular answer.
  • Reassure the child/young person that they have done the right thing in disclosing to you.
  • Tell them what you will do next and with whom the information will be shared.
  • Inform the BNG Child Protection Officer, who will inform Social Services and/or the Police if appropriate.
  • Record in writing all the details you are aware of and what was said using the child’s own words – you should include:
    • The date and time
    • The child/young person’s name, address and date of birth
    • The nature of the allegation
    • A description of any visible injuries
    • Your observations, i.e. behaviour/physical/emotional state
    • Exactly what the child/young person said
    • Who you then reported your concerns to
    • Sign and date this information and store in accordance with Data Protection Laws

Response procedure to an Allegation/Concern against a BNG Volunteer:

  • Take the allegation or concern seriously
  • Inform the BNG Child Protection Officer, who will inform Social Services and/or Police if appropriate
  • Record in writing all the details that you are aware of and what was said (as per above procedure)