All Together Now! November 2021

All Together Now! was gifted to the Amateur Theatrical world by MTI, one of the main musical licence rights holders across the globe, as we came out of lockdown following the pandemic. 

Performed at Everest College, Basingstoke on the 13th and 14th November 2021, the show was a collaboration with BAOS Limelight Director Stephanie Webb and  Musical Director Simon Eastwood.  They were assisted by Harriet Brannam, Owen White and Tori Eglin who had all performed and worked with both societies.

The show was a concert format of songs from musicals; some well-known, some not so much, but it was a chance for performers, creative teams and an audience to get back to being in the theatre and enjoying performing arts.


Abbie Fernandez, Aleya Sung, Alina Wright, Amelia Walton, Annalise Seaman, Ben Hastings, Beth Wilson,

Daisy Roberts Silverthorne, Ellie Chittey, Elsie Baker, Eszter Fixler, Fiona Wright, Henry Welldon, Holly Rust,

Isla Johnson, Jasmine Hamilton, Jasmine Peacock, Joe Kinge, Katie Conquest, Keira Longman, Lauren Stephens,

Millie Floyd, Morgan Jones, Nancy Brill, Neve Johnson, Poppy Roberts Silverthorne, Ruben Smith,

Sam Harrison, Scarlett Boyle, Sean Duffy, Seren Morris.


Dance Captain   –   Jasmine Peacock

Director   –   Stephanie Webb

Musical Director   –   Simon Eastwood

Co-Director/Choreographer   –   Harriet Brannam

Assistant Musical Director   –   Tori Eglin

Guest Director   –   Owen White

Show Producers   –   Sandie Thomson & Fiona Morgans

Sound  equipment kindly provided by   –   Dan Paine

Lighting equipment kindly provided by  – Matt ‘Greeny’ Green  

Sound & Lighting Operator   –   Owen White