JOSEPH - 7 November 2003

Joseph is BATS Next Gen’s first production and the show was a concert version of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – although a licence to perform the full version was not available, Director Dawn Wylie got out her legal pad and noted exactly what the rights holder would allow a youth society to do in order to perform the songs!

The show was performed at Central Studio following workshops and auditions to join the new company on March 2nd earlier that year.  Joseph, played by Amy Anderson, did have a coat of many colours, but was not allowed to move in it!  The coat had been made by mum of our twin performers, Ali Rumble, and has made two  more appearances to date, including the show ‘proper’ which was performed in 2015.

Dawn and Rachel had both performed with BATS, and were the first of many who shared their knowledge and experience to the next generation.


Joseph   –   Amy Anderson

Jacob   –   Lee Sutherland

Pharaoh   –  Gemma Thomson

Narrators   –   Katie Long, Lydia Thomson,  Chloe Such,  Joanna Bates

The Brothers:

Reuben   –   Clair Johnson                           Simeon   –   Anna Snowball                          Levi   –   Ashley Rumble

Napthali   –   Oliver Rumble                        Issachar   –    Joe Humberstone             Asher   –    Beth Daly

Dan   –   Helen Drought                                  Zebulon   –   Carly Athawes                       Gad   –   Bronwyn Willsher

Judah   –   Katie Green                                   Benjamin   –   Stephanie Bale

Potiphar   –   Lee Sutherland                  

Mrs Potiphar   –   Charlotte Kerr

Baker   –   Jade Threlfall                                Butler   –   Charlotte Kerr

Lively Lad   –   Thomas Stones

Adoring Girls    –   Chloe Harding, Charlotte Kerr, Emily Clarke, Joanna Bates, Chloe Such, Kirsty Bennett, Katie Long, Lydia Thomson, Jade Threlfall


Director   –   Dawn Wylie

Musical Director   –   Rachel Glover

Assistant to the Musical Director   –   Catherine Banks

Assistants   –   Richard Bond, Justine Dunn, Sally Manning, Abigail Parsons

Stage Manager   –   Ian ‘Spud’ Smith


Chairman   –   Jenny Humberstone

Secretary   –   Sandie Thomson

Treasurer   –   Chris Bale

Members:  Mandy Shallow, Caroline Bale, Caroline Crawford, Alison Allen, Caroline Daly