HAIRSPRAY - 29-31 October 2009

Hairspray was Sally Manning’s second directorship and Rachel Glover’s 9th for the society.   The production was made even more special due to links Sally had with cast members of the West End stage production, who helped with tricks of the show, including using air cans as hairspray to avoid the cast getting electrical shocks!  A trip was made to see the professional production and they even held the show for us due to traffic delaying arrival.  Michael Ball was playing Edna Turnblad at the time, and thrilled the cast and adults by calling us the Basingstoke lot!” when he greeted us at the Stage Door. 

Austen Champion, who played IQ in our production, had to miss one show due to being on stage himself in the West End in the production of ‘Oliver!’  Lily Keep was his stand-in. 

Emily Marshall, who played ‘Tracy Turnblad’ invited her godmother to the production, so the matinee interval was very much like backstage at the Royal Gala performance as actress Nina Wadia met and greeted the cast and creative team. 


Tracy Turnblad    –  Emily Marshall

Edna Turnblad    –   Ben Summers

Amber Von Tussle   –   Jade Hollingshead

Link Larkin   –   Zak Shrapnell

Penny Pingleton   –  Becca Ridout

Seaweed J Stubbs   –   Jake Wilson

Velma Von Tussle   –  Lizzie Long

Corny Collins   –   Harry Harwood

Motormouth Maybelle   –   Hayleigh Alexis

Wilbur Turnblad   –   James Pemberton


Prudy/Teacher/Matron   –   Jessie Clinch          Little Inez   –   Alyssa Medalla

Dynamites: Judine   –   Olivia Wilks,  Kamilah   –   Jasmine Tompkins,  Shayna   –   Nadine El-Amami

Council Kids: Brad   –   George Hinson, Tammy   –   Vikki McAuley, Fender   –   Max Harwood

Brenda   –   Tori Eglin, Sketch   –   Jamie Cole, Shelley   –   Niamh Mauchline, IQ   –   Austen Champion

Lou Ann   –   Leah Nicholetts, 

Mr Spritzer/Mr Pinky   –   Matt Seaward

Seaweed’s Gang:  Lorraine   –   Chantelle Wilson, Gilbert   –   Alex Mavronicholas, Duane   –   Josh Wilks,

Company: Dusty – Bryony Anning, Nancy   –   Chloe Ballard, Maggie   –   Dion Hunter, Kathy   –   Kim Leyendeckers

Frankie   –   Lily Keep, Denise   –   Lydia Moynihan, Shirley   –  Shannon Gillick


Conductor/Keyboards   –   Rachel Glover

Drums   –   Alex Lacey          

Percussion   –   Beth Harding          Guitars   –   Simon Barnard & Dave Glover

Bass   –   Stu Curry            

Saxophones   –   Ailsa Stockwell, Shevaughan Beere & Peter Hood

Keyboards   –   Siobhan Smith & Danny Belton         

Flute   –  Avril Peryer

Violins   –   Andrew Frawley & Katie Long         

Cello   –   David Montgomery


Director   –   Sally Manning

Musical Director   –   Rachel Glover

Assistant Director   –   Ian ‘Spud’ Smith

Dialogue Coaches   –   Richard Bond, Dawn Wylie and Nikki Butler

Dance co-ordinators   –   Sharon Westwood, Lynne Bond, Kayleigh Halloway & Tom Harrop


Stage Manager   –  Steve Brannam

Sound   –   Dan Paine

Lighting   –  M3 Technology

Props   –   Lydia Thomson and Vicci Elliot

Show Co-ordinator   –   Elain Halloway

Wardrobe   –   Fiona Morgans, Richard Cox, Teresa Hollingshead & Sandie Thomson

Publicity   –   Sue Lance


Chairman   –   Richard Cox

Secretary   –   Sandie Thomson

Treasurer   –  Elain Halloway


Rachel Glover, Teresa Hollingshead, Sally Manning, Fiona Morgans, Sharon Westwood