CATS - 20th - 22nd February 2014

CATS – Based on ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ by T.S. Eliot was a Youth Group production by arrangement with The Really Useful Group Ltd. and performed at Queen Mary’s Hall, Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke over 3 nights, with 4 performances.

None of the creative team really knew before starting this production what a Jellicle Cat was, and are probably still none the wiser!  The cast was one of the largest, and quite heavily dance-skilled.  Leotards were borrowed from BATS, who had performed ‘Barnum’ some years previously – some well-known name labels were found!  Next Genners Jade Hollingshead and Lydia Thomson returned as Assistant Choreographers  and the talents of BCot students went into wigs and make-up design.

The production was recognised with a NODA Accolade of Excellence and Runner-up for the Youth-West Award in 2015.

CAST (in character alphabetical order)

Admetus     –     Gemma Case

Asparagus/Growltiger     –     Connor McGrane

Ariel     –     Katie Rust

Artemis     –     Alice Stephens

Athena     –     Zoe Blackall

Aurora     –     Ellie Abley

Belle     –     Ellie Openshaw

Bodica     –     Morgan Sadler

Bombalurina     –     Rachel Potter

Bustopher Jones     –     Robert Snazell

Buttons     –     Olly Sanvoisin

Carbuckety     –     Sean Granahan

Cassandra     –     Tash Jacobs

Cinders     –     Darcy Drummond

Coricopat     –     Jack Baldwin

Demeter     –     Kate Pink

Deuteronomy     –     Josh Wilks

Ectectra     –     Alice Hatton

Ghenghis     –     James Davis

Griddlebone     –     Lily Fowler

Grizabella     –     Alyssa Medalla

Jazzy     –     Aimee Fee

Jellyorum     –      Jess Phillips

Jemima     –     Lucy John

Jennyanydots     –     Hattie Brannam

Juliana     –     Laura Murphy

Juno     –     Jessica Pearce Stone

Macavity     –     Jack Trinder

Medusa     –     Francesca James

Mr Mistoffelees     –     Harry Hall

Mungojerrie     –     Austen Champion

Munkostrap     –     Joe Alexander

Punzle      –     Abbie Mia Sadler

Pouncival     –     Eleanor Winterbottom

Rumpus Cat     –     Kayleigh Welton

Rumpleteaser     –     Rhianon Mone

Rum Tum Tugger     –     Max Harwood

Skimbleshanks     –     Will Maidment

Syllabub     –     Rhiannon Lee

Tantomile     –     Hazel Baldwin

Tinks     –     Katie Westwood

Tumbelina     –     Ellie Mavronicholas

Victoria     –     Georgie McGuigan

Virginia     –     Emily Williams

Wilhelmina     –     Bryony Westwood


Conductor  –  Charles Withall

Keyboard 1  –  Siobhan Smith

Keyboard 2 – Rohin Dale

Keyboard 3  –  Daniel Evans

Bass – Jack Sunaway

Horn  –  Aussie Pepper

Guitar  –  Steven Sellers

Drums  –  Kiera Browne

Flute  –  Hannah Brown

Clarinet & Saxaphone   –  Jamie Cole

Cello  –  Cathy Mason


Orchestrations by David Cullen & Andrew Lloyd Webber

Original production by Cameron Mackintosh Ltd and The Really Useful Group Ltd



Director:  Richard Cox

Musical Director:  Charles Withall

Choreographer:  Kayleigh Halloway

Asst Director:  Sharon Westwood

Assistant Choreographers:  Lydia Thomson & Jade Hollingshead


Set Designer:  Ciaron Baron

Stage Manager:  Elain Halloway

Sound:  Dan Paine

Lighting: Ayden Harvey

Wardrobe: Fiona Morgans, Teresa Hollingshead, Jude Ifould, Rachel Phillips & Sandie Thomson

Publicity: Rachel Phillips & Sandie Thomson


Chairman  –  Fiona Morgans

Secretary  –  Sandie Thomson

Treasurer:  Elain Halloway



Rachel Glover, Kayleigh Halloway, Teresa Hollingshead,  Sally Manning, Rachel Phillips

Honorary Member – Hannah Williams