2 JUNE 2023

Written by BATS Next Gen’s Chairman, Fiona Morgans, this is a farce musical about a local theatre group who are stuck on ideas for a show.  They decide to write their own because they cannot make a decision and also it will be cheaper than paying a huge licence fee.  One of the committee becomes the writer, one the Director, another the MD and the rest form the cast.  The only problem is that they don’t have a songwriter so they use well-known songs and hope it will all be ok.

Any similarity to persons living or dead, and any amateur theatrical society, is purely coincidental.

Writer/Director - Scarlett Boyle
Musical Director - Euan Rolfe
Admin - Bella Bruce
Friend / Lead 4 - Emelia Lonnon
Choreographer - Grace Edmonds
Stage Manager - Alvin Nkansah Masters
Wardrobe Organiser - Beth Wilson
Producer - Kash Miles
Sound Engineer - Neven Duckling
Light Engineer - Roko Duckling
Lead 1 / Auditionee 3 - Alex Matthews
Lead 2 / Auditionee 1 - Kitty
Lead 3 - Immy Kane
Audiitonee 2 / Cast Member - Fiona Wright
Dancer /  Cast Member - Eszter Fixler
Cast Member - Amelia Hemmings
Cast Member - Ivy Spurway
Cast Member - Rosie Lonnon
Cast Member - Rose Birkett

Director - Owen White
Musical Director - Tori Eglin
Show Manager - Fiona Morgans