Dick Whittington - 4th - 6th December 2008

Dick Whittington was written by David Simpkin – ‘Professor Panto’ and was the first of the two pantos written for BATS Next Gen specifically.  Based on the famous panto, it tells the story of Dick, and his rise to become Mayor of London.  Accompanied by his talking cat, and Fairy Bow-Bells, Dick also meets Captain James T Church, peoples of an ancient land, the love of his life and King Rat!


Dick Whittington   –   Charlotte Clifforth

Dame Delia   –   Harry Harwood

Cat   –   Max Harwood

Alice Fitzwarren   –   Vikki McAuley

King Rat   –   Zak Shrapnell

Alderman Fitzwarren   –   Josh Wilks

Anton Dec   –   Andy McKay

Mrs Fitzwarren   –   Laura Whitwell

Fairy Bow-Bells   –   Jade Hollingshead

Captain James T Church   –   Ben Woolmer

First Mate   –   Jack Flower

Padme, Queen of the Island   –   Jessie Clinch

The Great Stupendo   –   Jamie Cole

Doris   –   Rachel Francis

Ratlings 1 & 2   –   Danni Ashby & Dion Hunter

Company:  Annie Wood, Annika Cove, Bethany Mitchell, Bryony Westwood, Georgie McGuigan, Helena Mitchell, Jazzy Tompkins, Lauren Wrightson, Lily Kyle, Matt Flain, Matt McAuley, Natasha Jacob


Director   –   Richard Cox

Musical Director   –   Colin Woolmer

Asst Director/Choreographer   –   Sally Manning

Choreographers   –   Sharon Westwood and Janine Sadler

Stage Manager   –   Matt ‘Greeny’ Green

Production Manager   –   Anthony Mitchell

Wardrobe Mistress   –   Fiona Morgans

Props   –   Anthony Mitchell, Graeme Duncanson and Rita Duncanson.


Chairman   –   Richard Cox

Secretary   –   Sandie Thomson

Treasurer   –   Elain Halloway

Members:  Teresa Hollingshead, Tina Goodman, Rachel Glover, Sally Manning, Fiona Morgans, Sharon Westwood