The Rumpelstiltskin Racket - June 2006

The Rumpelstiltskin Racket, written by Kjartan Poskitt, was performed at Central Studio, Basingstoke from the 1st to 3rd June. 

Based on the fairy tale, it tells the story of Miranda, who has the ‘ability’ to spin gold from straw, and is noticed by the King.  Madame Inquisitor, who sees herself being Queen, threatens to expose Miranda as a cheat unless she can spin more gold.  Miranda is locked up in the tower along with her spinning wheel and straw.  She is helped by the mysterious Manikin, who can perform magic, but demands a present – her first born child!

This was to be the last show directed for the society by Dawn Wylie, who had been Director since the first BATS Next Gen show (Joseph) in 2003.


Nick Brannam   –   The King

Beth Harding   –   Miranda

Lily Keep   –   Madame Inquisitor

Ryan Messer   –   The Manikin

Jorden Maney   –   Professor Miller

Jordan Capehorn   –   Smithy

Luannsa Goodman   –   Smutt

Helen Drought   –   Smirch

Jessie Clinch   –  The Baker

Andrew Parramore   –   Smudge

Andy McKay   –   Town Crier


Lydia Thomson, Charlotte Clifforth, Sarah Moxley, Hayley Macintosh, Rosie Millard, Emma Austin, Anastasia Powell, Max Harwood, Morgan Sadler,

Jade Hollingshead, Laura Whitwell, Danielle Ashby, Victoria Eglin, Joseph Pike, Izzie Stevens, Emma Hawkins, Holly Capehorn and Samantha Cohen


Dawn Wylie – Director

Rachel Glover – Musical Director

Assistants to the Director  –  Sally Manning, Neil Brand and Shirley Dicker

Stage Manager  –  Matt ‘Greeney’ Green

Costumes supplied by   –  BATS, Dawn Wylie and Sandie Thomson

Programme Photos  –  Rachel Glover and Sandie Thomson


BATS Next Gen Committee

Secretary  –  Sandie Thomson

Treasurer  –  Elain Burchell