12 – 14 APRIL 2018

Les Miserables (School Edition) was performed over four shows in April to sell-out audiences at The Haymarket, Basingstoke.  Director/choreographer was Gary J Myers, who was working for the first time with the society.

Les Miserables was such a big show to do – it involved a huge set, a huge cast and huge songs!  The characters of Mme Thenardier, Gavroche, Young Cosette and Young Eponine were shared, with each being played twice by the same person over the four-show period. 

NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Arts) South East region awarded it Best Youth Musical and also an Accolade of Musical Excellence for 2018.  Sadly, Gary J Myers died suddenly and unexpectedly on 27th June 2018, before the award was announced. 


Jean Valjean - Jacob Marshall
Javert - Matt Roberts
Fantine - Sienna Hughes
Marius - Charlie Steggall
Eponine - Tori Lowther
Cosette - Chloe Gill
Enjolras - Harley Emmitt
M. Thenardier - Tom Sherry
Mme Thenardier - Bryony Westwood / Molly Abley
Gavroche - Ben Hastings / Thomas Conquest
Young Cosette - Amelia Walton / Katy Yarnton
Young Eponine - Shyla Schuster / Imogen Tickle

ABC Students:
Grantaire - Connor Stephens
Jolie - Alex Williams
Combeferre - Joe Kinge
Prouvaire - Matt Neilson
Lesgles - Ollie Welch
Feuilly - Ryan Gaul
Courfeyrac - Tom Hejdeman

Thenardier's Gang:
Theo Gaimster, Ryan Gaul, Sophie McNay and Connor Stephens
Bishop of Digne - Alex Williams
Foreman - Connor Stephens
Old Woman - Katie Conquest
The Pimp - Owen White
Bamatabois - Alex Williams
Fauchelevant - Ethan Bartlett

Sailors, Prostitutes, Townsfolk, Drinkers and Wedding Guests:

Aidan Strachan, Amelia Walton, Amy Miles, Ben Hastings, Ben Wall, Briony Hibbard Jenkins, Bryony Westwood, Darcy Drummond, Eleanor Knop, Elin Shepherd, Ella Warwick, Ethan Bartlett, Henry Welldon, Imogen Tickle, Jess Miller, Joe Kinge, Katie Conquest, Katie Rust, Katy Yarnton, Lara Flux Doble, Lauren Stephens, Leah White, Matt Neilson, Max Masters, Mia Kahr, Molly Montague, Molly Abley, Oliver Welch, Olly Sanvoisin, Pip Simpson, Ryan Gaul, Sarah Merritt, Shyla Schuster, Sophie McNey, Theo Gaimster, Thomas Conquest, Tom Hedjeman.

Director/Choreographer - Gary J Myers
Musical Director - Simon Eastwood
Co-Choreographer - Debbie Hemmings
Assistant Musical Director - Tori Eglin
Character Coach - Sally Manning
Wardrobe Mistress - Teresa Hollingshead
Show Manager - Marie White
Producer - Sandie Thomson
Stage Manager - Colin Webb
Deputy Stage Manager - John Eddie
Lighting - M3 Productions
Sound - Daniel Paine of Spin Audio