Our House - The Madness Musical 26th - 29th October 2011

Our House is based on the music of Madness, and tells the story of Joe Casey who, on the night of his 16th birthday and trying to impress his girlfriend, Sarah, must decide whether to run or stay and face the music.  One path leads to shame, rejection and a prison sentence, the other to riches, a glamorous lifestyle and his dreams fulfilled – or does it? 

The show was performed at Queen Mary’s Hall, Queen Mary’s College Basingstoke over 3 nights and four shows.  Attending the auditions was Tom Isted who, having performed in this show as Joe Casey, changed his career plans completely and became a professional actor.


Joe Casey   –   Tom Isted

Sarah   –   Dion Hunter

Joe’s Dad    –   Josh Wilks

Kath Casey   –   Alex Shulter

Lewis   –   Joe Alexander

Emmo   –   Craig McKenzie

Billie   –   Lily Keep

Angie   –   Jade Hollingshead

Reecey   –   George Hinson

Mr Pressman   –   Toby Richardson

Callum   –   Matt McAuley


Alice Stephens, Annabel Pemberton, Ashna Rabheru, Conor Egan, Ellen Granahan, Ellie Fraser, Eloise Wood, Emily Marshall, Emma Comer

Georgie McGuigan, Hannah Scregg, Hattie Brannam, James Pemberton, Jamie Cole, Jess Phillips, Lily Fowler, Lydia Moynihan,

Livie Wilks, Max Harwood, Morgan Sadler, Ollie Read, Rachel Potter, Rhianon Mone, Rosie Clarkson, Spardha Kumar, Tegan Hopgood


Conductor & Keyboards   –   Rachel Glover

Tenor Sax/Flute/Clarinet   –   Shevaughan Beere

Trumpet/Fugelhorn   –   Liz Hinton & Lawrence Warburton

Drums   –   Colin Gray

Bass   –   Dave Glover

Guitar   –   Simon Barnard

Keyboard 2   –   Simon Eastwood


Director   –   Ian ‘Spud’ Smith

Musical Director   –   Rachel Glover

Choreographer   –   Kayla Ferris

Assistant Directors   –   Richard Bond & Sharon Westwood


Stage Manager   –   Steve Brannam

Sound   –   Dan Paine

Lighting   –   Ayden Harvey

Show Manager   –   Sandie Thomson

Wardrobe   –   Teresa Hollingshead & Fiona Morgans

Publicity   –   Petra Read & Sandie Thomson

Front of House Manager   –   Helen Wood


Chairman   –  Richard Cox

Secretary   –   Sandie Thomson

Treasurer   –   Elain Halloway

Members:  Teresa Hollingshead, Fiona Morgans, Sharon Westwood, Rachel Glover, Sally Manning, Nadine Egan