FAWKES THE QUIET GUY - 7th to 8th November 2014

Fawkes The Quiet Guy was the first co-Director collaboration of Fiona Morgans and Elain Halloway.  Written by Kjartan Poskitt, the storyline tells the tale of the famous Gunpowder Plot of 1605.  13 men, under the leadership of Sir Robert Catesby, decided to kill King James I and the Members of Parliament due to them ordering the expulsion of all Catholic priests from England.  36 gunpowder barrels were stored under the House of Lords.  An anonymous letter was sent to Lord Monteagle, warning him to stay away from the Houses of Parliament on the night of the 5th November – this warning reached the King.  His forces caught several of the conspiratators, including Guy Fawkes and, in celebration of his survival, King James ordered that tthere should be a great bonfire on the night of the 5th November.  Placed on top was an effigy of the Pope – this has now been replaced by a ‘Guy’.


Miss Catherine Wheel  –  Eleanor WInterbottom

Sir Robert Catesby   –  Sean Granahan

Lord Mounteagle  –  Ben Bateman

Dorothy  –  Eloise Wood

King James  –  Seppe Agozzino

King’s Groom  –  Ollie Read

Sir Walter Raleigh  –  Emily Williams

Sir Robert Cecil  –  Ellie Rampton

Chris Wright  –  Alice Stephens

John Wright  –  Riannah Barry

Thomas Percy  –  Molly Montague

Ambrose Rookwood  –  Aurelia Abbotts

Robert Wintour  –  Aimee Fee

Thomas Wintour  –  Zoe Ryan

John Grant  –  Leah White

Everard Digby  –  Charlotte Keenan

Robert Keyes  –  India Morgan

Thomas Bates  –  Ethan Bartlett

Francis Thresham  –  Holly Rust

Maggie  –  Isobel Muchinenyika

Jenny  –  Katie Rust

Beth  –  Ruby McGivern

Denise  – Darcy Drummond

Molly  –  Ellie Openshaw

Mrs Fawkes  –  Daisy Blackburn

Mrs Percy  – Emma Keenan

Mrs Wright  –  Rebecca Hamer

Oliver Cromwell  –  Katie Conquest 


Conductor and Keyboards  –  Charles Withall

Bass  –  Chris Cooper

Guitar  –  Patrik Toobe

Drums  –  Kiera Browne


Directors:  Fiona Morgans and Elain Halloway

Musical Director:  Charles Withall

Choreographer:  Kayleigh Halloway

Director’s Assistant:  Ollie Read

Musical Assistants:  Tori Eglin & Rachel Glover

Choreography Assistants: Emily Williams & Jade Hollingshead

Wardrobe:  Teresa Hollingshead

Technicials:  Toyah Hollingshead & Ryan Messer

Stage Manager:  Elain Halloway

Stage Crew: Chris Burchell, Rachel Winter

Publicity:  Rachel Glover

Props: Chris Burchell, Sandie Thomson, Elain Halloway & Fiona Morgans




Chair:  Fiona Morgans

Secretary:  Sandie Thomson

Treasurer:  Elain Halloway


Charles Withall, Karen Winterbottom, Kayleigh Halloway, Nick Brannam, Rachel Glover, Rachel Winter, Sally Manning, Teresa Hollingshead

Honorary Member:  Hannah Williams