LONDON 2012 - The Final Hurdle! 27th May 2012

Co-written by Rachel Glover and Fiona Morgans, the show was written as a celebration of the 2012 Olympics, with London as host city. 

The storyline was: The Olympics are almost upon us but there’s been a disaster.  Greece has issued a huge bill for ‘performing rights’; Mayor Johnson needs to pay it or cancel the Olympics.  Lord Coe needs to make cutbacks.  Can the Olympic Committee overcome this ‘final hurdle’ and bring in the Olympic extravaganza of their dreams, including the spectacular Opening and Closing Ceremonies the world has been waiting for?

The cast was made up of the junior team of BATS Next Gen and two shows were performed at 1:45pm and 3pm.


Mayor Boris Johnson   –   Freddie Betts

Lord Sebastian Cole   –   Chloe Barber

Tom Daley   –   Billy Rham

Karen – Olympics Organiser   –   Amy Smith

Olympic Helpers   –   Ellie Openshaw & Ellen Rham

Clare Balding   –   Katie Westwood

Kate – Stadium Reporter   –   Grace Clark

Ant   –   Jasmine Rampton

Dec   –   Jessica Hamilton

Scout Leader   –   Jessica Pearce Stone

Sally Pearson   –   Molly Abley


Chairman   –   Richard Cox

Secretary   –   Sandie Thomson

Treasurer   –   Elain Halloway

Members:  Rachel Glover, Sally Manning, Teresa Hollingshead, Fiona Morgans, Sharon Westwood, Nadine Egan