RENT (School Edition) - 21st - 23rd February 2013

Rent (School Edition) was performed at Queen Mary’s Hall, Queen Mary’s College over three nights, four performances.  There were a few dissenting voices when the show was initially discussed by the Committee, and also by some of our previous casts’ parents due to the topics covered in the storyline – however, it was decided to go ahead and we are so glad it did.  The show stretched the acting abilities of the 13 – 18 year-old cast members (our first show with an lower age limit) like no other BNG production had ever done. 

During the 8-month rehearsal period, the committee experienced at least 2 house moves, an engagement, 3 changes of jobs, 1 graduation and 2 completed their teacher-training. 


Roger Davis   –   Max Harwood

Mark Cohen   –   Craig McKenzie

Tom Collins   –   Josh Wilks

Angel Dumott Schunard   –   Will Maidment

Mimi Marquez   –   Kate Pink

Maureen Johnson   –   Jess Phillips

Joanne Jefferson   –   Alyssa Medalla

Benjamin Coffin III   –   Connor McGrane


Alex Shutler, Alice Stephens, Austen Champion, Bryony Westwood, Conor Egan, Cy Brennan-Phillips,  Ed Jefferies, Eleanor Winterbottom,

Ellen Granahan, Ellie Abley, Ellie Fraser, Eloise Wood, Gemma Case, Hannah Scregg, Jack Trinder, Kai Hendren, Louise Dover, Lucy Johns,

Ollie Read, Rachel Potter, Rhianon Mone, Robert Snazell, Sean Granahan, Sheanne Botha.


Conductor/Keyboards   –   Charles Withall

Keyboard 2   –   Jamie Cole

Guitar   –   Steven Sellers

Bass   –   Stu Curry

Drums   –   Kiera Browne


Director   –  Richard Cox

Musical Director   –   Charles Withall

Choreographer   –   Kayleigh Halloway

Assistant Director   –   Sharon Westwood


Stage Manager   –   Elain Halloway

Sound   –   Dan Paine

Lighting   –   Ayden Harvey

Wardrobe   –   Teresa Hollingshead

Front of House Manager    –   Helen Wood


Chairman   –   Richard Cox

Secretary   –   Sandie Thomson

Treasurer   –   Elain Halloway

Members:  Rachel Glover, Sharon Westwood, Nadine Egan, Charles Withall, Fiona Morgans, Teresa Hollingshead, Sally Manning