We Will Rock You (School Edition) - 20-23 Feb 2008

The opportunity to perform one of the most iconic rock musicals ever created also meant that the society could move from kindergarten to big school in terms of our venue.  Queen Mary’s Hall, Queen Mary’s College involved organising lights, sound, a ticket system and front of house – truly a step up!

The performance licence cost £120, and there were no royalty fees included.

The show Director, Richard Cox, also brought in fellow Winchester University students who used their involvement in the show for their degrees – directing, costumes and publicity.  Two went on to become teachers!

Nick Brannam, who played Kashoggi, dyed his hair blonde for the part.  The leather coat he wore has also continued to make further appearances in various BNG productions since !

House Music lent BNG a Brian May guitar for this production. 


Galileo   –   David Payne

Scaramouche   –   Vikki McAuley

Killer Queen   –   Luannsa Goodman

Kashoggi   –   Nick Brannam

Meat Loaf   –   Tori Eglin

Britney Spears   –   Ben Summers

Pop   –   Jorden Maney



Puff Daddy   –   Abbey Cargill                                

Charlotte Church   –   Charlotte Clifforth

Bob the Builder   –   Jessie Clinch                      

Aretha Franklin   –   Jade Hollingshead

Amy Winehouse   –   Hannah Jacob               

 Madonna   –   Michaela Knight

Big Macca   –   Andy McKay                                     

Jackson 5   –   Chelsea More

Cliff Richard   –   Matt Seaward                            

Eddie Cochrane   –   Poppy Shrapnell

Justin Timberlake   –   Zak Shrapnell              

Teacher/Bohemian   –   Lydia Thomson



Super Yuppie   –   Shiv Rabheru

Jamie Cole, Annika Cove, Vickie Elliott, Mitchell Ferris, Max Harwood, Emma Hygate, Eevee Jacobs, Matt McAuley


Teen Queens/Yuppies:

Rachel Francis, Dion Hunter, Lily Keep, Morgan Sadler, Aimee Watts

Cops:  Ben Woolmer and Harry Harwood      


Rachel Glover and Dave Glover



Director   –   Richard Cox

Musical Director   –   Rachel Glover

Choreographers   –   Janine Sadler & Kayla Halloway

Dance Captain   –   Sally Manning


Stage Manager   –   Matt ‘Greeny’ Green

Deputy Stage Manager   –  Nick Horsey

Sound and Lighting   –   Viking Lighting

Wardrobe Mistress   –   Fiona Morgans

Publicity Manager   –   Sue Lance


Secretary   –   Sandie Thomson

Treasurer   –   Elain Halloway

Members:  Tina Goodman, Celia Keep, Sally Manning and Teresa Hollingshead